Artificial Intelligence is too important to leave to chance

Move beyond the ordinary with our AI Accelerator Workshop. Our interactive session utilises real AI-driven models, in real-world scenarios for a more tangible understanding of AI's capabilities.

Engage directly with this technology. Discovering first-hand the transformative potential of AI applications in your business, guided by our experts in a hands-on approach.

This workshop isn't about telling you what AI can do; it's about demonstrating how you can make AI work for your business.

AI Accelerator Workshop

Don't Just Learn About AI , Experience AI

Unlock unprecedented growth for your organisation with our AI Accelerator Workshop. Tailored exclusively for visionary senior leaders, this immersive workshop will:

  • Decode recent AI advancements and their direct implications for your business.
  • Translate abstract AI concepts into immediate, actionable strategies.
  • Demystify both the opportunities and challenges AI presents.
  • Pinpoint AI-driven avenues to boost productivity and efficiency.
  • Explore how AI can amplify your unique value proposition.
  • Craft bespoke AI tools tailored for your immediate deployment.
  • Unearth innovative AI use cases, granting you a competitive edge in the market.

“businesses that don’t deploy AI and data to help them innovate in everything they do will be at a disadvantage”

Paul Daugherty, chief technology and innovation officer, Accenture

What is an AI Accelerator Workshop?

Dive into the transformative world of AI with our AI Accelerator Workshop. Spanning a concise three-hour session, we'll:

  • Illuminate the most recent AI advancements and decode their relevance for your organisation.
  • Transition swiftly from foundational insights to hands-on, actionable AI strategies tailored for your unique business context.
  • Leverage our extensive industry-specific expertise to pinpoint high-impact AI applications uniquely suited to your business challenges.
  • Collaboratively forge a dynamic roadmap, empowering your organisation to harness AI's potential immediately.

Is This Workshop For You?

Ideal Attendees

The AI Accelerator Workshop is meticulously designed for forward-thinking senior leaders within SMEs. If you're at the helm of steering your organisation through the ever-evolving digital landscape and aim to solidify your place in the AI-driven future, this workshop is your beacon. 

Who Might Want to Reconsider?

If you're not open to innovation or hesitant about adapting to change, this might not align with your perspective. The AI transformation is undeniable and demands adaptability.

Similarly, if your focus is solely on the granular technicalities of AI models or if you're primarily risk-averse and resistant to groundbreaking methodologies, this workshop might challenge your comfort zones, as it's committed to actionable insights and pioneering approaches.

Is This Merely a ChatGPT Tutorial?

Absolutely not. While ChatGPT is indeed a component of our workshop, we encompass a wide array of AI tools, models, and strategies. Our core mission transcends specific tools: we aim to foster a deep, strategic comprehension of AI’s vast capabilities. We don’t just introduce you to tools—we equip you with the foresight to recognise impending AI trends and harness them as commercial opportunities.

More FAQs

"This isn't a generic briefing, this is about how your organisation can utilise AI right now to drive value."

Mike Chatterton - Founder

AI Accelerator Workshop

Personalised Introduction

Each attendee will be greeted with an individual consultation by one of our seasoned AI consultants. This approach ensures we tailor the workshop to the unique challenges and opportunities of your organisation by delving into your current AI comprehension and operational landscape.

Part 1 - AI Primer (60 mins)

Dive deep into the AI revolution during this interactive session. We'll sharpen your understanding of how AI can redefine your business strategies and operations. Topics covered will include:

  • The AI Evolution: What's Different Now?
  • Navigating Risks & Seizing Opportunities
  • The Art of the Possible: AI's Expansive Reach
  • Strategic Deployment: Where and How to Embed AI
  • Pinpointing High-Value Opportunities

Part 2 - Navigating AI Tools & Techniques (60 mins)

Explore the vast AI toolkit as we embark on a hands-on demonstration of the technology's potential. Together, we'll craft bespoke instructions, conceptualise transformative roles, and envision how AI can reshape your organisation's hierarchical structure and functions.

Part 3 - Crafting Use Cases (60 mins)


Collaboratively, we'll delve into tailored use cases we believe can amplify your organisation's potential. As we navigate these, we'll also unearth additional scenarios that promise to set you apart, tackling organisational hurdles and pinpointing growth and value creation avenues.

Our mutual effort will revolve around assigning tangible value to each use case, categorising them for immediate implementation, future exploration, or deferred attention.

Post-Workshop Insights (call / offline) 

Our commitment doesn’t end when the workshop does. We'll furnish you with a detailed report encapsulating the insights and strategies discussed. This document will spotlight pivotal use cases tailored for your business, providing an actionable blueprint to bring them to life. Moreover, it will present a prioritised roadmap for the seamless integration of AI initiatives within your organisational fabric.

AI Accelerator Workshop Outcomes:

  • Profound insight into AI's implications tailored for both your role and the broader organisation.
  • Customised AI tools crafted to enhance your strategic decision-making processes.
  • A curated collection of high-priority use cases, meticulously tailored for your organisation's unique needs.
  • A comprehensive guide, inclusive of recommendations and a strategic roadmap, to steer your organisation's AI endeavours.
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