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Take the guesswork out of AI for your business with CONTEXT BLOCKS

Stop using guesswork to get the best out of artificial intelligence, empower every AI interaction with tailored context, for results that truly represent your business, without compromising your IP.

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Find out how CONTEXT BLOCKS can make AI work for your business.

Allowing any business to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence.

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CONTEXT BLOCKS are concise, AI-agnostic snippets of information that enhance the relevance and accuracy of your AI interactions. They're expertly crafted to provide your AI tools with the essential context needed for smarter, more accurate outputs.

  • AI Agnostic: Works across different AI models, no service lock-in.
  • Human-Readable: Easily edited and understood by your team.
  • Rapid Generation: Quickly produce context blocks tailored to your needs.
  • Alignment: Enhance organisational alignment.
  • Control your IP: Only share the IP that you are comfortable with.
  • Transparent: Understand where your context is influencing AI interactions
  • Corporate Guardrails: Build ethical and cultural alignment across your business.
  • Faster, better and more intelligent results from large language models

Compatible with ALL Large Language Models and AI Services

Zero Service Lock-In

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How it Works


Our experts dive deep into your business through insightful interviews, document analysis and web scraping to understand your unique context.

Context Block Generation

We craft high-value, AI optimised, context blocks aligned with your specific use cases and workflows, ensuring relevance and precision.


Testing and Refinement

Through rigorous testing with multiple LLMs, we tune the context blocks to your specific use cases, refining the context blocks to perfection, guaranteeing improved AI interaction.

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Why Us?

Our proprietary methodology for creating and implementing CONTEXT BLOCKS sets your AI usage ahead of the curve, making them smarter, faster, and more aligned with your business goals.


We provide in-depth consultations, expert context development, rigorous testing, clear guides and comprehensive support to enable you and your organisation to get the most out of AI without compromising your business IP. 

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Pricing & Plans

We offer three tiers:

Tier 1 - Organisational Context Block

A single organisational CONTEXT BLOCK, enhancing the value of every professional interaction you have with AI.

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Tier 2 - Value Proposition Context Blocks

Includes five key CONTEXT BLOCKS. Tailored for key operational parameters of your business, covering areas including value proposition, products, customer personas, marketing voice and more.

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Tier 3 - Full Context Library

A complete library of CONTEXT BLOCKS for your business, supporting all of your key operational activities. Everything an enterprise needs to leverage AI.

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Stop using guesswork to get the best out of artificial intelligence, release the potential of AI, while keeping your IP safe.

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Take Back Control of your IP

Stop over-sharing and start using AI like a pro.

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