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Embark on a curated journey with our 1:1 coaching sessions, designed to immerse you in the AI revolution and equip you with a distinctive advantage. Engage with our seasoned AI Consultants, boasting over two decades of expertise in integrating emerging technologies across diverse sectors.

AI Accelerator Coaching empowers you with insights to not only grasp AI’s impact but also elevate your professional prowess. Boost your productivity, magnify your value, and uncover AI-driven opportunities previously deemed beyond reach.

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“A.I. won’t take your job, it’s someone USING A.I. that’ll take your job”

Richard Baldwin, economist and professor at the Geneva Graduate Institute in Switzerland

Is This Course Right For You?

Who is this for?

AI Accelerator Coaching is crafted for professionals, senior leaders who need to harness the power of AI on their terms. If you need to get up to speed with AI urgently, this is your path.

Who should think twice?

This isn’t tailored for those who lack the insight to innovate or change. The AI revolution is here, now. You must adapt or become irrelevant.

Like wise if you are focused on the technical development of AI models and machine learning, rather than practical applications of AI, you may find this coaching too focused on real-world applications.

Is this just about ChatGPT?

No, while we do use ChatGPT for some of the course (along with other open source and integrated AI services, models and tools), we focus on helping you to develop a mental model of how and where you can use AI to give you an edge, regardless of the AI tool.

We aren’t giving you a rod, we are teaching you how to fish.

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AI Accelerator Coaching Sessions

Welcome (online 25 mins) 

An initial call with one of our AI consultants allows us to get to know each other, exploring your current understanding, professional situation and explore challenges which could be solved with AI.

AI Primer (online 90 mins) 

A hands-on training session to give you a clear understanding of how AI revolution is unfolding, developing your mental model for how to use AI and giving you insight into how to use a variety of tools. This will help to help build your personal capabilities, accessing the right AI for you, developing custom instructions, identifying high value tools and techniques to supercharge your professional trajectory.

Your Use Cases (online 90 mins)

Starting with hand picked example use cases we believe will add high value to you specifically, together we will explore these and identify other use cases which will give you an edge, addressing your key challenges and identifying new areas for generating professional value.

Follow Up (call / offline)

Post-coaching, expect a detailed report complete with step-by-step guides for pivotal use cases discussed during our sessions. This invaluable resource is designed to be your continual reference, propelling a transformative shift in your work methodology.

AI Accelerator Coaching gives you:

  • A tailored understanding of AI, crafted specifically for your needs and how it can revolutionise your tasks.
  • Immediate access to crucial AI tools designed to enhance your work processes.
  • Customised guidelines ready for immediate use, ensuring optimal results.
  • Exclusive access to powerful personalised AI workflows to give you an edge.
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