£1,450.00 GBP

AI Accelerator Coaching

Personalised support to understand and leverage AI

Level up with our AI Accelerator Coaching.

Embark on a transformative journey with our AI Accelerator Coaching. Designed especially for driven professionals and senior leaders, this one-on-one coaching experience goes beyond generic courses, offering hands-on strategies and personalised insights to unlock AI's vast potential. With dedicated coaches and custom-tailored sessions, evolve from being AI-curious to AI-empowered. Benefit from real-time discussions, actionable recommendations, and bespoke use cases that directly address your unique challenges and aspirations.

By the end of this coaching, you will possess:

  • A personalised roadmap on harnessing AI effectively.
  • Immediate access to essential AI tools primed to enhance your workflow.
  • Bespoke instructions to achieve optimal AI outcomes.
  • A suite of AI workflows tailored to give you a distinct edge.

What you’ll experience:

This coaching encompasses three intensive sessions and a follow-up, ensuring a holistic grasp and actionable takeaways:

A. Welcome Session

Start with an exploratory call where our seasoned AI consultants gauge your current AI understanding, professional context, and potential challenges. This foundational touchpoint ensures the subsequent sessions are tailored to offer maximal value to you.

B. AI Primer

Delve deep into the AI revolution's unfolding narrative, enhancing your cognitive framework about AI. This session empowers you with hands-on techniques across various AI tools, preparing you to identify and deploy high-value tools and techniques that will redefine your professional journey.

C. Your Use Cases

With use cases meticulously chosen for their relevance to you, this session takes a deep dive into the practical applications of AI in your domain. We will explore these and identify additional use cases, addressing your core challenges and unearthing novel avenues to unlock professional value.

D. Follow Up

Post the core coaching sessions, we extend our commitment to your AI mastery. Receive written recommendations, step-by-step guides, and insights on crucial use cases discussed, ensuring you have a ready reference to elevate your AI prowess continually.

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