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What is ISAMbot?

ISAMbot is a ambitious project designed to enhance the UK transport industry by implementing an AI-powered chatbot to improve access to specialised knowledge. This innovative tool aims to streamline the distribution of critical, niche expertise, significantly reducing the reliance on costly consultancy services. By providing easy access to historical data at risk of obsolescence, ISAMbot supports industry stakeholders in making informed decisions, thus boosting productivity, safety, and regulatory compliance. The project also encourages collaborative knowledge sharing, bridging gaps between traditional and modern practices in transport. ISAMbot is set to redefine how knowledge is accessed and utilised in the transport sector, making it a pioneering initiative in the application of AI for industrial enhancement.

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• Do you face risks associated with specialist knowledge?
• Is obsolescence a strategic issue for you?
• Do you find new knowledge hard to access?
• Are particular stakeholders suffering from a lack of access to knowledge?
• Are you keen to explore innovative solutions to these issues?

We are currently exploring innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to address these challenges within the UK transport industry. We have identified various examples of how access to specialist knowledge causes issues, but we want to uncover more. 

If you are a transport professional with specialist expertise and you (or someone in your organisation) would be interested in finding out more, please take 2 minutes to complete our questionnaire.

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Aims and Goals

Project ISAMbot, is designed with the ambition to transform how niche knowledge is accessed and utilised within the transport sector. Our primary aims and goals include:

  1. Developing an AI-Powered Chatbot: We aim to create a chatbot that leverages advanced AI and machine learning technologies to provide rapid access to a vast repository of specialised knowledge, making it readily available to industry professionals.
  2. Improving Industry Productivity: By providing instant access to critical information and expert insights, we expect to significantly enhance productivity and decision-making processes across various domains of the transport industry that are reliant on niche knowledge.
  3. Encouraging Cross-Domain Insights: We intend to facilitate the integration of knowledge across different transport domains, encouraging a more holistic understanding and innovative solutions to complex challenges.
  4. Promoting Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: By making it easier for professionals to access and share knowledge, we aim to foster a more collaborative environment within the industry.

Industry Engagement

We are currently in discussions with a variety of industry partners to shape the project and will be bringing the project to a wide variety of events in 2024.

Upcoming Events and Papers:


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We believe that through ISAMbot we will be able to explore opportunities within the UK transport industry including:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency and productivity.

  • Improved safety standards and reduced incidents.

  • Increased innovation and adoption of new technologies.

  • Better decision-making based on accurate and timely information.

  • Greater collaboration and knowledge sharing across the sector.

  • Reduction in training and development time for new staff.

  • Streamlined regulatory compliance and easier updates to changes.

  • Increased customer satisfaction through improved service delivery.

  • Lower operational costs due to more efficient processes.

What We Expect to Discover

Through the feasibility project of ISAMbot, we aim to uncover critical insights that will not only guide the development of our AI chatbot but also test its potential to transform how knowledge is accessed and used within the transport sector. Here’s what we expect to learn:

  1. User Engagement and Interaction Patterns: Analyzing how users interact with ISAMbot will help us optimize the chatbot for better user experience and identify preferred methods for querying and receiving information.

  2. Accuracy and Reliability of AI Responses: We will assess the reliability of ISAMbot in delivering accurate and actionable information, crucial for building user trust and facilitating adoption.

  3. Integration Challenges and Technical Feasibility: Identifying challenges in integrating ISAMbot with existing data systems and workflows will highlight potential technical barriers and help us test various AI solutions for best fit, accuracy, and reliability.

  4. Knowledge Management Techniques: We aim to perfect methods for capturing, storing, and updating niche knowledge efficiently, exploring new AI-driven techniques for maintaining a current and accurate knowledge base.

  5. Cross-Domain Knowledge Navigation: By evaluating ISAMbot’s ability to overcome departmental silos and organizational barriers, we’ll test its effectiveness as a unifying tool for accessing and sharing specialist knowledge.

  6. Commercial and Socio-Technical Viability: We’ll explore the commercial potential of ISAMbot to see if it can support a sustainable business model, and we’ll gauge socio-technical impacts such as user trust, safety, and the practical utility of the chatbot across different user demographics.

  7. Live Knowledge Integration and Knowledge Sharing Readiness: Our study will also determine the feasibility of integrating live data streams and existing knowledge repositories, and assess the readiness of organizations to share their knowledge under defined conditions.

  8. Impact on Productivity and Industry Practices: Preliminary findings on the chatbot’s impact on operational efficiency and productivity will provide a baseline measure of its potential industry-wide benefits.

By the end of this feasibility study, we expect to have a detailed understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with deploying an AI-powered knowledge tool like ISAMbot within the transport sector. This will not only help in refining the chatbot’s capabilities but also in laying a robust foundation for its full-scale development and deployment.

About Us

Project ISAMbot is a collaboration between Orbit RRI and AI Accelerator.


ORBIT, the Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT, began as a UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)-funded project. It offers services and support to the UK research community, promoting responsible innovation in ICT. In 2020, ORBIT established ORBIT-RRI Ltd, a not-for-profit company, to continue providing services beyond the project’s end.

ICT has widespread benefits but presents challenges like privacy issues and security concerns. ORBIT-RRI encourages responsible research and innovation (RRI) to align with societal goals. RRI, defined by von Schomberg, is a transparent, interactive process fostering mutual responsiveness between societal actors and innovators to ensure ethical, sustainable, and socially desirable advancements in technology and science—addressing grand challenges.

AI Accelerator

AI Accelerator is a pioneering private limited company that specialises in the development, training, and consultation of AI solutions, uniquely positioned to serve the transport sector. Established by Mike Chatterton, a consultant with over 25 years of experience across the transport industry, AI Accelerator stands at the forefront of integrating AI to revolutionise digital solutions in transportation and beyond.

Mike's extensive track record includes impactful roles such as managing the UK-wide defect reporting and corrective action system (DRACAS) and developing a Synthetic Environment for digital rail signalling design for Network Rail. His leadership of knowledge management for the London 2012 Olympic Transport function and testing and readiness system development for Crossrail showcases his capability to harness AI for significant productivity enhancements and operational efficiencies in transport.

AI Accelerator thrives under Mike’s vision of merging practical AI applications with deep industry knowledge, ensuring solutions are not only technically sound but also strategically aligned with transport industry needs. By offering bespoke training, hands-on workshops, and tailored AI integration strategies, AI Accelerator empowers organisations within the transport sector to harness cutting-edge AI technologies effectively, transforming challenges into opportunities for innovation and leadership in the industry.

This focus on practical, outcome-oriented AI application is reflected in the success of projects like ISAMbot, which leverages large language models to enhance niche knowledge accessibility in the transport sector, and other generative AI projects that address industry-specific needs like bias and decarbonisation. Mike’s approach ensures that AI Accelerator is not just a service provider but a strategic partner that drives real business success and transformation in the transport sector.

This webpage has been constructed to identify and gather partners to support our feasibility project and forms part of a for grant funding application for the UKRI Feasibility studies for AI solutions: Series 2.

Our application will include research and development undertaken to establish the feasibility of ISAMbot. If successful in obtaining grant funding for ISAMbot we intend to share the findings with the whole UK transport industry to help improve understanding of how AI can be used to enhance access to niche knowledge and increase productivity across the UK Transport Industry. 

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